An entire SBDD team exactly how and when you need it.

Imagine having $6.5M in crystallization and biophysics equipment and a team of 30+ structure biologists all at your finger tips. Meet FlexFTE™, your very own SBDD engine, fully committed to your experiment, your data, and your ability to make quick and reliable decisions. Pick your team, and get started today!

Purchase a fully loaded  block of hours and apply hours as your project progresses

What can I accomplish in a 200-hour block?

  • De novo crystal structure epigenetic target, or
  • 8-12 E.Coli /yeast expression scouting Gene to protein projects, or
  • 4-6 Insect/Mammalian expression scouting and optimization of low expresser protein, or
  • 1 BioBlock fragment based screen by two orthogonal methods, or
  • 2 soaking crystallization system to screen 30-50 cmpds each

Icaria’s structure people work closely with clients on target design to structure determination. Communication continues throughout the project with weekly reports and conferences calls, ensuring that we deliver a successful project ahead of expectations.

Benefits of the FlexFTE™ research program:

  • Experience of a very seasoned team
  • Exceptional problem-solving skills
  • State-of-the-art, sophisticated instrumentation for:
  • ~Protein QC
  • ~Biophysical characterization and crystallization

Our Full-Time Equivalent (FTE) approach streamlines:

  • Ordering
  • Production
  • Shipping
  • Report generation
  • Making your R&D efforts that much more efficient.

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