Protein Sciences

Design algorithms inspired by decades of HTP protein experience.

Successful projects demand reliable protein. We are completely obsessed with Gene to Structure strategies and can't wait to help you tackle your most significant protein production challenges.
1. Protein Engineering
  • Rational Construct Design
  • Directed Evolution
  • Solubility Tags Panels
  • Isotope Labeling (15N, 13C)
  • Custom conjugation (biotinylation)
2. Protein Expression
  • Small Scale Expression Scouting
  • ~E.Coli
  • ~Insect
  • ~Mammalian
  • ~Yeast
  • Large Scale Expression Workflows
  • Antigen Production
  • Antibody and nanobody production
  • Endotoxin free production suites for animal studies
  • Protein Refolding
  • Challenging Purifications Workflows
  • ~RNA binding proteins
  • ~Intrinsically disordered proteins
  • ~Membrane proteins
  • ~VLP Technology
3. Protein Purification
  • Comprehensive NGC Chromatography Platform
  • Affinity chromatography
  • Ion-exchange chromatography
  • Size-exclusion chromatography
  • Hydrophobic interaction chromatography
  • Reversed phase chromatography
4. Large Scale Purification Workflows
  • ChromLab™ software scouting workflows (pH,resin,%B)
  • Tangential flow filtration (TFF)/Diafiltration
  • Endotoxin free production suites for animal studies
  • VLP Technology
5. Extensive protein characterization and QC
  • Purity and concentration SDS (reduced/non-reduced)
  • Analytical size Exclusion (aSEC)
  • Intact Mass
  • Aggregation (DLS)
  • Thermostability
  • PTM analysis
  • Peptide mapping

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