START™ Package

Don't waste time. START™ your discover with a validated hit.

Literally everything you need for your early-stage drug discovery project, from START™ to finish, with 5 fully validated hits, guaranteed! We will customize the START™ workflow to meet the demands of your challenging new target. Studying the STING, NDM1, MCL1, or WDR5 pipelines? Yeah, we've got those too.

START™ packages include all of the following:

1. Target expertise in construct design

2. Highly Purified and Assay Ready Protein - (20- 100+mgs) tailored to each orthogonal technique

3. Select hits from fragment or unique chemical libraries

  • Edelris (500-2200) novel 3D fragment library
  • Enamine –2600 (pharma designed) frag libraries
  • BioBlocks - Fragment or chemical libraries
  • Icaria Standard Diversity set = 170,000
  • CrystalFIRST (in silico and AI designed)
  • 2BIND libraries

4. Validated HITS by one or more orthogonal screens

  • switchSENSE
  • NMR
  • SPR
  • ITC
  • MST
  • TSS
  • SHG
  • Mass spec

5. Structure determination platforms

  • X-ray crystallography or CryoEM/TeM
  • Soaking /co-crystallization system for target protein
  • Data collection
  • Structure determination
  • Visualization

6. SBDD team to guide medicinal chemists and modeling team

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